Prepare for some adrenaline pumped,
laser beam packed next level stuff.

Let the game begin.

The Lasergame arena holds up to 20 people every session. Choose between one, two or three games, each one is 20 minutes short. Each player is equipped with a west and a laser gun. There are receivers in the west and on the gun that generate different number of points when you hit them. You can play two teams or all against all. The team or person that earns the most points win.

How it works

In Lasergame, every player has a vest with surfaces that sense hits. The hits come from the laser guns with which you compete.

HIT AREAS: It is important to get as many points as possible, you get different points depending on where you meet the opponent. It’s about hitting one of the five flashing fields on the opponent’s vest.

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FAQ´s about Lasergame

You can be maximum 20 people at the same time playing. 

You can choose either to play all against all or two teams. 

At this moment we have two different games. More games coming soon. 

Comfortable clothes and shoes. You’ll get warm so we recommend workout clothes. 

One game is 20 minutes long, but we expect that it takes 30 minutes with introduction and breaks.

We recommend Lasergame from 8 years.

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